About Bimbi Investing

The stock market, investing, and personal finance can all seem daunting and like an uphill battle.

The majority of us are usually fighting against our limiting beliefs when we try to get into the stock market.

It’ll feel like the media is hounding us with negative news, our friends and family telling us it’s risky or just straight gambling. (I’m sure we’ve all heard these statements before)

All the above can add fear to the market, which increases the panic, causing people to sell at the worse possible time while, at a loss.

A good investor will be looking to enter as fear hits the market and prices become depressed, not exit the market.

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Who is Bimbi Investing

My name is Nick, and I’ve been lucky enough to know two of the best investors, my grandparents. They would try to teach me investing concepts on some occasions, but you know what it’s like learning from other family members, it’s hard to admit your own vulnerabilities to listen and learn!

However, those few occasions and teaching lessons inspired me enough to learn on my own time and through other investors.

My real journey began after I picked up a few books and started reading voraciously, studying the lessons the masters teach.

Once I read a few books, I realized investing and personal finance isn’t as tricky as it all seemed. And I’d been maybe a little bit ignorant while my grandparents would try to teach me.

I can’t blame it all on ignorance, there was also a sense of difficulty, fearfulness, and just simply not being smart enough to understand it.

Of course, none of that is accurate, and anyone can learn to invest and master their finances successfully, that’s why I created Bimbi Investing.

What You’ll Find on the blog

I’ll be documenting my journey from passive investments to dividend stocks or individual companies. I’ll also share my views on personal finance, market news, and investment ideas. As well as helping other investors learn and grow, I too want to learn and grow through the blog.

My passive investments are the core of my strategy, which centred around Australian ETFs and Listed Investment Companies.

I’ll also be going over some stock market basics and analyzing individual companies. I’ll share some stock analysis to keep myself accountable but also to try and learn off others.

The passive investors are probably saying “why do that? You cant outperform the market.”

Well, outperforming the market isn’t my goal. My goal is to learn and grow while having fun in the process, and for me, that just happens to mean spending extra time analyzing stocks.

Happy investing and stay prosperous.